Art manifested itself from her childhood, surrounded by books and magazines with images of the great masters of sculpture and painting such as Rodin, Van Gogh and Michelangelo, which stimulated her imagination at an early age. That imprint germinated throughout her existence, aged by home memories where the need to be creative remained throughout her life. 

She recognises herself as an enterprising artist who, under the personal idea that "a creative adult is a child who has survived", looks at art at a stage in which she is making room for a whole emotional world in a mature and definitive way.

The forcefulness of art imposes itself on those who need it, and this is evident in his work, where all that inner world flows spontaneously and freshly. 
 Andy Tob finds, in this way, an intuitive way of expressing his emotions with the simple intention of sharing that personal sensation before the spectator's gaze, who will find innumerable interpretations. This enjoyment of being intimate and personal transcends to the audience with the strength of shared enjoyment.

In this firm decision and through her commitment to art, Andy explores diverse techniques that are conjugated through interventions in acrylic, resin or rusted and weathered materials in which she breaks down her creativity. Self-taught with a deep imagination, she is encouraged to work with textures, shapes and reliefs where mosaicism is integrated into the diversity of techniques and colours. Passionate about nature, she works with branches, snails, stones and other elements, perhaps disposable, in the desire to discover and at the same time project other concepts.

As the places maintain their energy, Andy Tob divides her time between her workshops in Buenos Aires and Zárate; where the spaces encourage her love for her family, her animals and the countryside that nourishes her longed-for creativity with new airs and climates.