To go through the 21st century, a historical period of great and ever more rapid changes, in a world that is dying!  I propose to recover the great values, among them the value of the Heart, not only as a symbol of love (or romanticism) but rather as a symbol of Life, of true compassion, where: the unjust is not indifferent to me, where it helps in the various personal relationships, in the relationships of all humanity and at all levels, where awareness is raised, where it leads to necessary and urgent actions. 

The Heart of Gold, the highest value of the Human Being.

The Heart. Because it is the heart that makes the difference, with which heart we give, with which heart we receive or relate to the other, who is one with us and with the environment with true humanity... with HEART. Values such as respect, human dignity, solidarity, respect for human rights, world peace, planetary and universal integration. The sustainable, the ecological, the simple things...the heart to save the planet that is our home. Without heart we are lost.

It is for all these reasons that since 2001 my work (which has been dealing with reflections and proposals) has the Heart as its central theme.
There are series of the great values, of the cultural exchange between Argentina and Italy, a lot of autobiographical (although the works and the materials, the measures, the different artistic disciplines have changed) over the years I have made: sculptures in polychrome wood, reconstituted wood, cement, bronze, silver jewellery in gold plated bronze, and obviously canvases, works on paper, I made the series of small works of the pandemic, I abandoned the human figure and the hearts, these are already Lives.
Lives that I know that they meet - they don't meet, they relate, colour appears, and recycled materials usually silver paper such as mirrors, markers, glitter, acrylic, watercolour and pencils.

In short, repeatable materials in pandemic 2020. Colours appear again, new symbols, (among them one that I studied a lot)
The Spiral: symbolises the eternity of life, always in movement, present in all the kingdoms of nature; and other symbols such as eyes (seen above the chinstrap), Suns (symbol of life in the midst of the fear of covid19), hearts as with the shirt of a football team (these already since 2001), arrows (that connect or point), etc.