Lilivet is a young creator who, despite being self-taught, has managed to imprint her personality on her work. His work dazzles for being a process of introspection, where the character dialogues directly with the viewer, it becomes a sui generis form of interlocutor-receiver communication, this mediator can be anything from a joker to a child. Aren't these beings a game with the self-portrait, the intention to extrapolate to other bodies, to live a dream life, a reference to the first acts of body art?

Lilivet's closest visual references are analogous to children's books. His cosmogony reflects the ideo-aesthetic relationships of these publications. It is a point of contact with literature, through a naive representation that dialogues with existential problems.

The concern for the environment, the questioning of our relationship with life and the responsibilities forgotten or segregated by technological highways, recreates it from the reflection and analysis of human behavior. His work constitutes the courageous act of questioning the role played by the artist and his work, as entities that transform reality.