I started painting in May 2016 and it was like a revelation, a huge need to express myself.

I create my paintings in the impulse of my emotions, my feelings and my interior reflections. In front of my blank canvases, playing with acrylic, oil and materials that appeal to me, I let my hands, my brushes, my knives and spatulas and the colors mingle, overlap, merge or complement each other to suggest subjects to those who look at my creations.

In my intense abstractions, full of contained forces, my constant duality is expressed in a unity of expression that reveals my profession, energy therapist. I have revealed myself through years of practice and listening focused on loving humanity, on bruised souls and suffering hearts.

After many years in Switzerland as a coach and teacher, I have just chosen Luc en Provence, France, to live my passions.

To date, several private exhibitions and several award-winning paintings