Khabat Hasan, Kurdish, born 1986, from Syria, Qamishli, lives in Germany, Dusseldorf, graduated from high school in Damascus and traveled to Ukraine to complete his studies, but the conditions of alienation did not allow him, so he returned after a year to Syria, and went to an institute for painting, but he had to leave  After the outbreak of war in Syria.  He painted in Dubai and Syria, but very little.  Germany created all the basic requirements for him and he was able to devote himself to painting.  At first, Deutsche Caritas helped him and organized exhibitions for him, but unfortunately he had a disease (a stroke) that forced him to sit in a wheelchair, but that did not stop him from painting and his house turned into a studio full of paintings.


He is now a member of the Reng Art Association

‎‏And a member of the Art Academy

‎‏As well as a member of the Foundation

‎‏Kurdistan Medical Charity