Exhibition at the Café des Art (La Seyne sur Mer)
Exhibition to the Skipper (Saint Mandrier sur Mer)

Exposure to Crédit Mutuel des Professions de Santé (Toulon)

· Caravaggio International Prize in Milan on 12/07/2018.

Exhibition from February to the end of June at the Casino Barrière (Sainte Maxime)
Regional interview on Var Azur TV in Marseille, 01/09/2019 (The big show: Philippe Salciccia)
· International Botticelli Prize and Art Critic in Florence on 02/09/2019
Digital exhibition on a giant screen in Manila in March 2019
· Exhibition at Espace Watt 37 and ceremony of the official release of the contemporary art directory "Artisti" in Milan, on 03/28/2019 (official listing)
· Exhibition at MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art), Barcelona Biennale on 04/05/2019
Velasquez International Prize in Barcelona on 04/06/2019
· Awards 2019, international “artist 2019” prize in Mantua
· Oscar for creativity and art critic on 09/14/2019 in Monaco

Digital Art Exhibition at New York Fashion Week on 02/08/2020
Golden World Cup for The Artistic Creativity in Sanremo on 03/21/2020
Palma d´Oro per the Arti Visive (international art biennial. Art Expo Gallery) in Cannes on 04/18/2020